Kyle Miller, MS, LCPC, CCTP

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

KyleMore than just a listening ear…

Many people see therapy as a one-sided conversation, with little opportunity for interaction or getting to experience each other as real people.

I can promise you that I am as real as it gets!

I don’t think I could be useful to you as a therapist if I hadn’t done my work. It’s important to know how sitting on the other side of the couch or computer screen feels.

From experience, I know that healing is messy…

… and it sometimes gets worse before it gets better.

And asking for help is FUCKING SCARY!

That is a struggle I am all too familiar with. Picking up the phone and calling a stranger is a vulnerable process, but I assure you that reaching out to us for help leads to strong growth and transformation.

I may be biased, but I think that everyone deserves to come to therapy.

It’s a relationship unlike any other where you can truly be yourself without fear of judgment, knowing what is said will not leave the room.

Working together means I will always show up, hold space, and support you. That also means I will call you on your shit, and you are welcome to call me on mine.


  • Masters of the Science of Counseling (School and Community Counseling) from National-Louis University
  • Masters of the Arts in Teaching (grades K-9) from National-Louis University
  • Bachelor of General Studies (emphasis in business communication) from Roosevelt University

Outside of the Office

When not spending time being a dad, I like to speak in “New Girl” and “Ted Lasso” GIFS. Nick Miller and Ted Lasso (or maybe Roy Kent) may be my heroes.

I also enjoy a good hike in nature with my dogs and family.

Contact Me
Phone: (773) 357-6361
Email: [email protected]