Therapy for 20-Somethings

406590718Everything is moving so fast right now!

All these big changes are happening at once. You see friends starting their careers or getting into serious relationships. And you can feel a distance growing between you all.

You should have it all together, but you’re lost. And it’s frightening to feel like any wrong choice could be a mistake that alters the rest of your life. This fear has become crippling, but admitting that you’re struggling is not cool.

No one told you that being an adult would be so challenging.

This is just the beginning.

Life in your twenties is a time of amazing growth, but what’s frequently overlooked is that change can be overwhelming and destabilizing.

It’s very common to believe everyone else has it all figured out, but very few of us have a plan by this point in our lives. Yet, just because it’s a common occurrence doesn’t make it any easier.

Your experience and perspective are unique to you, and that’s where therapy can assist.

1375900445Let us help you.

You deserve a space where you feel seen and understood. Therapy offers the opportunity to explore your life in a nonjudgmental way and decide who you want to be moving forward. We help you recognize your ability to thrive in the world and create the life you want to live.

Here at Nexus Counseling Services, we specialize in relationships. This includes relationships with loved ones, the greater community, the world, and yourself. Together, let’s help you make sense of the confusion and challenges you’re facing.

There’s no time like now and no place better than Nexus Counseling Services to start your journey! We’d be honored to help you live your best life. Contact us today for your free 15-minute consultation.