Nexus Counseling Services

Nexus Counseling Services in Homewood, IL

Why Nexus?

The term nexus means a connection linking two or more things. It also means the most important point or place. Nexus Counseling Services believes that we are all connected and that we are each the most important piece in creating and maintaining strong relationships with the important people in our lives. 

Essential Connections

Connection to Self


Understanding, accepting, and loving yourself is a key component to a healthy and satisfying life. We will support you in exploring self concept and personal values.

Connection to Others


In every area of our life we have relationships with others, but many of us aren't taught how to be effective partner. We will work with you to understand your relationship strengths, challenges, and support you in developing effective relational skills.

Connection to Nature & the World


Understanding our connection to nature and the world provides a more complete understanding of self, not to mention it has also been proven to promote inner-peace and wellness. We will support you in exploring ways to connect with the world around you in new ways.