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Kyle Miller BIO

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Many people see therapy as a one-sided conversation, with little opportunity for interaction or getting to experience each other as real people. I can promise you that I am as real as it gets! My approach to counseling is client-centered and holistic (mind and body) grounded in cognitive behavioral theory. That means that you are the expert when it comes to you. My job is to support you becoming the best version of yourself by making sense of whatever it is that brings you to see me and collaborate in meeting your goals.

I am Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who works with individuals and couples. I specialize in men's issues, using psychoeducation and Relational Life Therapy to help clients understand men in regards to relationships and overall wellness. I also specialize in working with adults to support teens and young adults inside and outside of the school setting.

In 13+ years as a counselor/educator/mentor I have helped individuals of various ages find strength and meaning in their relationships and life. My years working in and with Chicago schools as a teacher, school counselor, and new teacher mentor prepared me well to serve a diverse clientele.

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Phone: 773-357-6361